About the Otaku

Hi, I’m Amanda and I love watching anime and learning about anything involved with the Japanese culture. I was once just a average teenager, I liked watching American cartoons, but I wasn’t exactly a huge fan. My brothers were anime fans, but honestly I didn’t know anything about it. Then one day they went to a local anime convention and invited me along. I wandered around, I took some photos, I was still pretty confused about what the big deal was. Then I wandered into one of the many mini theaters playing anime movies at the convention. The theater I wandered into was playing Spirited Away. I was floored! It was the first anime that I had ever intentionally watched and it was amazing. The best thing ever! I loved it. After watching that movie there was no going back. I ended up buying over $500 of anime at the convention and watching them over and over again for the next year. The first anime I bought was the first DVD of Trigun subbed. I watched it every Sunday for a year, and by the end of that year I could quote all the lines of all the characters in Japanese! At the time I didn’t even know any Japanese. I later learned that some of my favorite “cartoons” from my childhood, like Card Captor Sakura and Pokemon, were actually anime.

All rights go to artist, I don’t own this artwork.

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